Thursday, April 14, 2016

CTMS Kick Off and Immersion Training

In February, I wrote about our announcement that we selected a Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS). We are very excited to be working with Forte and implementing their OnCore system, which will provide greater efficiency around clinical trial protocol management, billing, compliance and patient recruitment and, at the same time, unify processes across Georgetown and MedStar research.

Well, over the past two weeks, approximately 30-40 research team members took part in the 'Kick Off' activities at MHRI offices.  We went through the different functions of the CTMS, our 'current state' maps displayed on the walls and discussed how we would form into working groups to create the unified 'future state' of operations.  All very exciting!

But the excitement did not end there.... this week a smaller group of us (about 10-15 people) traveled to Madison, Wisconsin (yes, it was COLD!) and spent the week at Forte to do 'Immersion Training' - this was a deep dive by many of the working group leaders about OnCore functionality and what we need to do to bring it to our research teams.  

Besides getting a lot done, it was wonderful to spend some time with each other off-site - below is a picture of the group out to dinner to sample the local beer (hint - try 'Spotted Cow' some time) and their reknown delicacies (such as fried cheese curd - really, I am not kidding - and it was good!).

Much more about the CTMS implementation as the working groups start their work. It is our goal to have the first protocols in by the end of this calendar year.


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