Monday, April 11, 2016

Getting 'Re-Connected'

Oh, how much I missed blogging and other electronic activities over the last two weeks!  Being 'connected' and enjoying all the electronic conveniences has become a way of life that we often take for granted but the last 2 weeks have given us a new appreciation for our IT colleagues! 

All of MedStar Health is deeply thankful for the hard work and determination of its IT team and partners and is greatly encouraged by the progress made to date on restoring the system. I know that they have been working around the clock to get our systems back up and running and have been impressed with the progress made.

I also want to thank all our MHRI associates and leaders. We know that all of you have been working diligently over the last two weeks to focus on our vision of being trusted leaders and advancing health. I have heard many stories of innovation to get the job done and dedication to our communities and patients. 

Through all of your hard work, we have been able to continue to keep many research studies moving forward and ensure the security of patient and research data.  I am also very proud of our MHRI management who showed enormous dedication and leadership. In the early days of the malicious software, we had teleconferences at 6 am, noon and 6 pm!  That is a great demonstration of dedication.

In the coming weeks, as we continue to ensure a full recovery, I have a renewed confidence in our research teams at MedStar and their commitment and resilience

Thank you all!

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