Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How Do You Rate MHRI's Innovation?

I came across a poll the other day, asking readers to vote on what they thought the top ten innovations in medicine and care delivery that are making the biggest difference today or will in the future.”

This got me thinking. What would I chose as the top ten items?  What about the top ten items at MedStar Health? Would I pick things that we have completed research on and published in peer review journals or would I look at ideas that won large federal grant awards?  Perhaps it is the less 'formal' innovations that happen each day at the bedside and implemented in a real-world settings?

MedStar Health is committed to research, innovation and advancing health, and I know that MedStar investigators and associates are making innovative changes based on their experience and research.

While I encourage you to feel free to vote in the poll using the link above, I’ve also created a short poll below to see which of the new additions at MedStar (recently highlighted in this blog) you feel best supports MedStar's vision of advancing health?

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