Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How MHRI is Supporting the Vision of Advancing Health [Poll Results!]

The readers have spoken! Thank you to all who participated in my polling adventure a few weeks ago; it’s great to hear what you think about the work we are doing at MHRI to help advance health.

For those wondering, the top innovation posted on Notes from Neil, as voted by the readers, was the launch of the Research Brings Hope campaign! This campaign is still an active part of the MedStar Health Research Institute and our goals of advancing health and wellness to our community.

The runner up was a four-way tie! TeleHealth and MedStar Care: MedStar eVisit, 'Diabetes to Go' gets new NIH Grant, Clinical Trial Management System, and HIV H.O.P.E were all ranked for second place. The scope of these initiatives truly shows the breadth of the work we are doing at MHRI and our focus on our community. This mix of bedside translational medicine and business growth really do show the best of what MHRI has to offer to the MedStar community.

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