Tuesday, May 17, 2016

MHRI Celebrates International Clinical Trials Day

Did you know the first randomized clinical trial began on May 20, 1747? That’s why we celebrate this Friday as International Clinical Trials Day.

James Lind, MD, began the first clinical trial aboard the HMS Salisbury to attempt to treat scurvy, a common malady that afflicted sailors. His hypothesis was that the introduction of acids would combat the issues. His 12 participants all showed the same symptoms and were in the same environment, ruling out environmental causes. The participants were paired and assigned different foods to address their symptoms. Those allocated citrus fruits (2 oranges and one lemon every day) experienced “the most sudden and good visible effects”, followed by those who were assigned to the group instructed to drink a “quart of cider a day”.

The published work, just like our papers today, outlines the nature of the disease, the causes, and the possible cures. You can read Dr. Lind’s publication at The James Lind Library.

This year, I want to thank each and every associate throughout MedStar Health who contributes to research. From the principal investigators to the nurse practitioners to the research coordinators, technicians and administrative support staff -  you all make a difference in the lives of patients in our community and, through the creation of new medical knowledge, you change the lives of patients around the world.

I also want to thank each patient who has participated in a clinical trial. Without your support and cooperation, we would not be able to continue advancing health.

Research Bring Hope. Enroll in a trial today.

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