Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Foundations in Educational Excellence

Every July 1st marks the start of a new academic year and across the country new interns, residents and fellows show up with their bright white lab coats eager to start the training.  Such is also the case at MedStar Health, however this year, on-boarding and orientation took on a new format as we further coordinate for system-wide graduate medical education (GME).

'Foundations in Educational Excellence' started with a three-day, off-site orientation for all GME housestaff new to a MedStar hospital.  By bringing everyone together, the GME office, under the leadership of Jamie Padmore and Jen Remington, were able to tailor a superb experience that runs from the basics to embedding quality and safety (HRO = high reliability organization) training.

The first group of over 300 had orientation in the last weeks, while a second and third group will complete their orientation by next week.  By the end, almost 500 housestaff will have had a great experience, had a chance to interact with new colleagues, meet Dr. Evans (the system chief medical officer), and even get a chance to relax one evening at a Nationals game!

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