Wednesday, June 8, 2016

CTMS On-Target

While I haven't written recently about it, we are moving forward with our joint Georgetown Unversity & MHRI CTMS (Clinical Trial Management System) program. We have been making great progress on the implementation of the CTMS. 

With 4 working groups meeting every other week, we are making significant strides towards rolling out the pilot. We have seen considerable leadership, initiative, teaming and collaboration from those that have been directly involved. Thank you to those who are continuing to commit their time to this endeavour.

A recent advisory council meeting had us presenting the latest update from the 4 work groups, which constitute 75+ members! Members include CRCs, hospital/professional billing, clinical research administrative support, etc. from both MedStar and GUMC. Below is an example of the great work that has been completed so far.

We are continuing to make great strides in progress and I am looking forward to the successful launch of the program later this year!

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