Thursday, June 23, 2016

First Patent!

Congratulations to Erin Felger on receiving her first patent for a device to aid in educating surgeons on thyroid cancer surgery.  Erin was presented this plaque (which is a replica of her patent) by Dr. Mark Smith, the Chief Innovation Officer and director of MedStar Institute for Innovation (MI2 which runs MedStar Inventor Services).  

We are particularly proud of Erin because this concept and the research needed to develop and test this approach was conceived during her time in MedStar Teaching Scholars (and more information is available on the MedStar website)

 The patent was presented today during the Making Health event at Georgetown sponsored by MI2. MedStar was very well represented.

The event was a blast!  Lots of very cool inventions - my favorite was the 'zone out' device that plays new age sounds and a vibrating chair that totally brings you into a calm place, even with all the activity and energy that was in the room.

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