Thursday, June 16, 2016

Spring Town Halls

Last week concluded the MHRI spring town halls. After holding three events in different locations throughout MedStar, I can say that our researcher teams and support staff are truly engaged and embedded into the MedStar system.

We focused part of this season’s town hall on the IT downtime. While it was a trying time for all, I was pleased to hear YOUR feedback on what positive things happened during that time. For each of the town halls, we created a word cloud of your feedback. Much of the feedback centered on the communication and teamwork that we embraced during that time, which I was pleased to hear.

I also presented an update on the Pulse Survey that was launched in March. In between the associate surveys that are completed bi-annually throughout the MedStar system, we have a short survey that we run to get a “pulse” on the state of our associate engagement. You, the associates, have been letting us know that while you feel engaged (with 79% positive scores), there are a few zones that merit some attention and gives us a path to focus on for the future. We are continuing the work we began last year on the career ladder and methods of professional development, which is still an area that we can improve on. I let people know that in the coming academic year, MHRI budgeted substantially more funds to further support professional development activities for all associates.

I closed the presentation with my thoughts on an Academic Health System, how MedStar is beginning to move towards that and how we, as researchers, are part of the equation. The goals of MedStar 2020 are supported by the work of MHRI and our entire research community.
Since I forgot to share the answers to the raffle question at MWHC, they are below. Congratulations to our winners! First place, Surafel Zenebe; second place, Biruk Teklehaymanot; and third place, Max Kollmer!

I will be looking at your feedback on how MHRI can improve over the next year. If you have any additional questions or feedback, please contact me or use the 2-Way Communication feature on StarPort. Thank you to everyone who attended the town halls and for those who joined me in presenting!

From Notes from Neil:  Recently, Dr. Weissman posted about a new mobile health offering for associates. What was it? d. MedStar eVisit 

From FOCUS Newsletter:  In the May issue, we recapped the 2016 MedStar Health Research Symposium. Which partner company was the keynote speaker from? b. CVS Health 

From Important Things to Know: For all associates, which of the following must be completed by June 30? Technically, d. Both B & C, but we also accepted b. SiTEL Mandatory Trainings and c. Research Compliance Training

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