Saturday, July 9, 2016

A Good Dog Story

Many of you who read this blog regularly have followed my own personal dog story and have watch Finn arrive and grow up from a puppy to "60 pounds in 6 months."  Well Finn just recently celebrated his first birthday (and has settled out at just over 70 pounds). Here is a picture of him sitting like he owns the world with his 'Christmas hat' this morning. 

However, that is not the 'good dog story' I was watching today and want to share. 

This story is from MedStar Washington Hosp Center and was featured on the national news. It's a heart warming story about therapeutic dogs being brought into the intensive care unit to help make patients feel better. Here is the link (  Believe me, no matter what your mood is right now, you will feel better after watching it.

Everyone loves a good dog story. 

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