Sunday, July 24, 2016

MHRI Managers Meeting July 016

Every 3 months, managers from across MHRI come together for an MHRI Quartlerly Managers Meeting to share information, work on organizational wide initiatives and share in professional development. Last Thursday we had our Summer 2016 meeting and focused our attention on how to create an organization where everyone is empowered to speak up and contribute to making MHRI a more effective, efficient and better place to work. Essentially, it is applying HRO (high reliability organizational) principles of speaking up to organizational structure and culture.

To lead us, we had a dynamic guest speaker Kathy Pearson.

Kathy led us through a discussion of 'why good strategies fail' and how the people setting strategy are often not the people who have to carry out the work. She showed us why we need to include everyone in new initiatives and solicate advice from each associate even when the news is bad. In fact, one of the things that sticks with me is her finding that a mark of a successful company is one in which anyone can give the boss bad news and where any associate can ask any question anytime.

It was a great discussion. The MHRI management team is digesting this information and going to look at ways to influence the culture to create a place that engages each associate to speak up. 

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  1. Kathy Pearson was one of those rare kinds of speakers who captures your attention from the minute she starts speaking and holds onto it until she is done. Am sure that EVERYONE in the audience will remember "JFDI" and why that may not necessarily be the best approach! Hope that we will see more of her at MedStar meetings in the future!