Wednesday, August 17, 2016

FY17 Plan on a Page

Last year I posted our plan on a page in an effort to increase the line of sight between associates and the direction MHRI is going; with that goal, I want to tell you about next years' (FY17) plan here.

The operating plan is created after gathering feedback from many different sources: our associates and mangers (though management working groups); conducting an internal needs assessment; evaluating prior plans and accomplishments; re-assessing our long term projects; and ensuring we are aligned with the MedStar Health system strategic plan. There are some initiatives that are included as next steps from the FY16 operating plan and some initiatives that are new for this year.

The plan is separated into the four pillars:
  • Research Development 
  • People 
  • Administrative and Financial 
  • Compliance, Quality and High Reliability
Each of these pillars supports the mission of MHRI to advance the health of our community through research. The 'plan on page' is a one page version of this operating plan that allows you to be aware of initiatives that MHRI is taking on this year.  It also allows you to see how you fit into the process of moving MHRI and MedStar towards the MedStar 2020 plan and another successful year.

Every MHRI Manager received enough copies of the plan-on-a-page for each of their associates so if you have not yet gotten your copy, please contact your manager.

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