Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Hitting Your Health Out of the Park

I’ve written before about using the treadmill desk at the Core Lab, and many of you know that my son is an avid baseball player. The MHRI commitment to wellness has brought us a new event: the Home Run for Health Challenge!

On September 12, we are all challenged to hit “home runs”, which is measured as 10,000 steps. Those steps can be earned through your daily work walking around the hospital, running errands for your family or by adding just a little more walking to your day.

But, maybe you swim instead of walking. Or maybe you take a spin class. What’s great about this challenge is that you are able to utilize the portal on to convert that exercise into steps.

For each week you participate, you are eligible for two raffle prizes each week, along with three grand prizes at the end of the event. The weekly raffle prizes are at the entity level, so MHRI associates will have 18 chances to win a prize throughout the course of the event! In order to be eligible for prizes, you must track your activity for at least 3 days each week and you must log the information at least once a week.

Registration opens on August 29. Once registration opens, just go to > MyHealth Central > Health Tools > Wellness Event Registration. But, you have to register before September 11!

I look forward to hearing about the great ways that you are taking care of your health!

If you have any questions, please contact the wellness committee at

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