Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Shall We Wake the President?

Last week, MedStar Health Research Institute had it quarterly Board of Directors meeting, made up of national experts in healthcare, research and academics. We spent 2 days together. First we went over MHRI updates: MedStar system updates, MHRI operational updates, research areas such as health services research updates, compliance, philanthropy, etc. We also used the expertise on the Board to re-examine our 'dashboard' that looks at a number of operational metrics.

The majority of the second day was spent examining the potential synergies between MHRI and Georgetown's research efforts.

One of the fun thing that happens when this group comes together is that you can learn about something new from the expertise on the Board.  Such was the case during lunch, when Board director Tevi Troy spoke about his new book 'Shall We Wake the President?'  Tevi Troy is a presidental historian, policy expert and accomplished administrator in the federal government.
Troy was at the heart of the George W. Bush administration’s post-9/11 disaster preparedness operations at the Department of Labor, the White House Domestic Policy Council, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

In this book, Tevi looks at disaster management from the oval office for the last two centuries. He conveys the events around everything from terrorist attacks to cyber-security to civil unrest.  It really changes one's perspective!

There is a nice review of the book in yesterday's National Review.

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