Sunday, October 23, 2016

Quarterly Managers' Meeting - Perspective from New Managers

Every three months, managers from across MHRI come together to learn, share, solve and improve our organization. Last week, we met at 1776 (an incubator/accelerator which MedStar is a founding partner) where we learned about new healthcare start-ups and worked on how to create a culture across MHRI "where truth can be heard."

Rather than  you hearing from me, I thought you would enjoy hearing from some of new managers:

“As a new associate of MedStar and MHRI, and coming with a long background in the staid atmosphere of academic research, it is refreshing to join an organization understanding and utilizing its dynamism, listening to its managers, and seeking to effect positive change. It can be difficult, even overwhelming, for senior leadership to accept the fact that organizations must culturally evolve with the times if they are to remain relevant. I’m excited to see that MHRI not only accepts this phenomenon, but embraces it.”
Ian M. Brooks, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Biomedical Informatics

“The presentation from Dr. Ratwani was great.  Managers were able to learn more about the incredible resource we have in MI2 and it showcased the very cool and innovative research they have going on.  This was also an opportunity to identify potential opportunities to collaborate with them -- a great way of bringing different MedStar entities together for research.
Deliya B. Wesley, PhD, MPH
Program Manager, Health Services Research

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