Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Research is a Team Sport: MHRI Fall Town Halls

We finished our MHRI Fall town halls last week, and after connecting with hundreds of associates from Baltimore through DC, it’s clear how large and effective our research teams are at MedStar.
I wanted to change the traditional format of our town halls to highlight the work that we complete as team. I think that, based on your Slido audience response results, it was important to showcase how many associate touch just one research study.
At Union Memorial, I was joined by Rachel Campbell, RN, Inpatient Research Nurse Coordinator for the REPRISE valve study. This study of a new heart valve is being conducted at both MUMH and MWHC. Even at just one hospital, over 50 associates touch this study!
At both UTC and MWHC, I was joined by Terry Moriarty, MSN, RN, research nurse coordinator and primary coordinator for the RESET Study. This study test a new medication for patients who are hospitalized for a sickle cell crisis. This study touches even more than 50 associates, with members of the infusion lab and emergency department playing an active role!
Being part of these teams’ shows that research is not an individual activity, but that it is a team sport. I liked relating this to gears in a clock- we are all working together in a coordinated, inter-locking manner to achieve a unified goal; each associate plays a key role in their duties and as a member of the team.
In addition, Mary Anne Hinkson (VP Operations) provided a brief update on the status of the CTMS (clinical trial management system), OnCore. Thank you to all the associates who have been a part of that team to help us roll-out a successful pilot. Karen Wade (VP Administrtion) shared a few brief reminders: open enrollment is happening until Nov. 17, flu shots need to be received by Dec. 7, and we all look forward to seeing you at the year-end celebrations!
I was also pleased to share some photos and results from the Power to Heal campaign. I appreciate all the donations that you have made to the New Investigator fund and the enthusiasm that came from our “Call-Out Challenge”.  If you would still like to make a donation, please visit
Congratulations to all our raffle winners! If you want to see what calories your favorite activity burns, check out the data from Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.
I will be looking at your feedback on how MHRI can improve our teams. If you have any additional questions or feedback, please contact me or use the 2-Way Communication feature on StarPort. Thank you to all who attend the town halls and the associates who shared their part of the team.
On my way back to my car at MWHC, I came across this sign. It seemed so approriate after our town hall focus on teams!

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