Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Celebrating Our MHRI TEAM!

Celebrating the end of year with MHRI associates has become a tradition that I look forward to every year. It's so nice to get together and recognize associates, the work they are doing, enjoy some good food and conversation and celebrate the coming of a new year!

Last week was the last of our Year End Celebrations, organized by our Associate Engagement Committee. It was a pleasure to travel to Washington, Baltimore and Hyattsville to celebrate with everyone who was able to join us.

 As Michelle Laubach wrote last week, we collected over 100 toys for Toys for Tots! Thanks to all who donated. Associates were also treated to the annual year-end video, highlighting the way our teams see teamwork across the system - last week, as research teams naturally sat at tables together, and looking over the room, we realized we were a team of teams! A team of teams that span the entire MedStar system.

As before, Karen Wade presented the annual holiday gift for associates.  In full tradition, she gave us her best 'Vanna', demonstrating how to properly use this year's gift. Thanks also to both Joan Bardsley and Kim Kemp were on hand to present the gift from the MHRI Wellness Committee.


Below are the photos from the photo booth! If you'd like a copy of any photo, please email Eva Hochberger (eva.b.hochberger@medstar.net) with the time marker of the photo and she'll send it to you.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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