Saturday, January 21, 2017

'FOCUS' Firing on All Cylinders

This month we shifted our monthly eNewsletter 'FOCUS' from a PDF version sent by email to an online format I didn't realize the impact that these stories would have on our web presence. I was surprised, when looking at statistics for just the first two weeks, that we have reached over 2,500 people! Of those 2,540 people, over 7,000 collective pages have been looked at! This is a staggering number when you compare that to the <1000 who were previously recieving it by email.

While FOCUS is released on the first Sunday of each month (January 1; a nice way to start the year!), I find it interesting that Jan. 4 was the peak reading day.  Perhaps that makes sense since MedStar was closed on Jan. 2 for the national holiday and people take a day or two to catch up on emails.

The other fun thing was to view where people were located. While most readers at in the US, with 91%, it's interesting to see where in the US those readers are. Washington DC has the highest, followed by Maryland, both of which make sense given the location of MHRI associates. But I wonder who is following us in New York and California?!

 I hope you are enjoying the new format for FOCUS and look forward to future editions.  Haven't checked it out yet, well then go to

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