Sunday, January 15, 2017

Teaching and Research Scholars' Capstone 2017

I find it hard to believe that just a few days ago we graduated the 7th class of MedStar Teaching Scholars and the 3rd class of MedStar Research Scholars.  The capstone is a wonderful event to recognize all the great work these faculty members do during the 2 year program and to show others how valuable the experience can be. 

To learn more about the capstone, take a look at this post from 2 years ago.  But even better, here is a quote from Kate Cohen, our new Director of Research Compliance:

Being new to MHRI, MedStar and the Mid-Atlantic region, I am constantly looking for opportunities to learn about the research occurring within MedStar. The Teaching and Research Scholars Capstone was a perfect opportunity for me to gain exposure to some of the great research within MedStar Health. Those of us who support the research organization get a front row seat to watch the new discoveries and improvements in health care, which was one of the reasons I moved into the research world originally. I was captivated by the interesting research presented and by the obvious passion for the research topics that was displayed by the scholars. During the evening’s presentation, I was particularly impressed by MedStar’s commitment to not only developing researchers and leaders, but also to improving the medical education delivered within the organization. The partnership between the MedStar Health Academic Affairs and MedStar Health Research Institute has created a very unique program. The Capstone was one of the first events I have attended as a new MedStar associate, and I can already confidently say that I am very proud to be a part of MedStar Health. 


 And after the poster and oral presentations, we handed out diploma's for the Teaching Scholars, Research Scholars and those that took part in the AAMC LEAD program.


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