Wednesday, February 22, 2017

HeROs' Awards at MedStar Health

As part of MedStar’s commitment to becoming a high reliability organization that puts patient safety first, our associates good work is recognized every week of the year through activities such as with Good Catch Monday's to Celebrating HeRO’s at MHRI. Yesterday we took time out to recognize 'the best of the best' at the 2016 HeRO Awards Luncheon.

At its annual event, the MedStar Institute of Quality and Safety celebrated its 'HeROs' at a red carpet like 'Academy Awards' luncheon in honor of those who went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure patients stayed safe. The HeRO program is part of our journey to high reliability to create a culture where every associate speaks up when they see something to contribute to patient safety.
 The place was packed - and it brought out leaders from across the system with nearly every hospital president. There were opening remarks and then awards for different categories such as team HeRO and leader HeRO's.

Our own Laurie Want, RN from the MedStar Community Clinical Research Center was awarded the best “Good Catch" of the year for her diligence on behalf of a research participant in a diabetes study.  Because of what she did, she probably saved this research participant's foot and put into place procedures to help future diabetes patients . We previously shared the story when she was presented with the Josie King HeRO award earlier this year (see post at Creating a Culture of Patient Safety).
As part of the luncheon, they shared a video that highlighted a few of the HeRO award recipients so we could hear directly from them what it means to build a high reliability organization at MedStar. I think Laurie summed it up nicely: “I’m proud of MedStar, I’m proud of the team I work with. I do feel proud that we do it well.”

You can watch the award video here.

Congratulations to Laurie and I thank you for your commitment to our patients and research here at MedStar.

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