Sunday, July 23, 2017

Welcoming New Associates to MHRI

Following the 2013 survey, we implemented the "New Hire Breakfast" as a way to engage associates in their first few months with MHRI. I wrote about the breakfast at the launch of the event, and then again two years ago.  And now, four years later, we are still at it but with its new, updated format.

When we started the New Hire Breakfast, we gave everyone a chance to introduce themselves, share what was going well and open up for suggestions of what we can do to improve the first few weeks at MedStar.  We learned a lot and improved the 'on-boarding' process using this informatiion.  We also used the time to share more information about MedStar and reserach at MedStar.  While everyone seemed to appreciate it, what happened is that it turned into another 'lecture' by me so we turned things around!  Now, the new associates meet without me in the room, get to know each other and formulate a bunch of questions for me - then I come into the room and one of the senior MHRI leaders speaks on behalf of the group by drilling me with questions - from my favorite hobbys and pastimes to work-related questions about the direction of MHRI.  It was fun and I definately had some good and difficult questions!

It was great to sit down and meet our new associates, along with Mary Anne Hinkson, Mel Goodrich, Kathi Edwards and Karen Wade  We have a great team and it just continues to get better every day!

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