Thursday, October 19, 2017

Sharing the Power to Heal

At UTC, we are joining in the larger MedStar initiative to create a gratitude banner. Associates have been sharing what they are grateful for over the past few weeks and it’s clear that there is an underlying theme: associates are grateful for their fellow associates.


Many of the messages on the banner highlight the great team of associates at MHRI, from those who see patients every day to those who support those teams. For the first time this year, during our associate giving campaign, you are now able to donate in honor of another associate. Please take some time this week to make an impact on the future of research and share your gratitude with a fellow associate.
Visit to make your donation today.
If you'd like to hear about the impact of the New Investigator fund, which is supported by the Power to Heal campagin, take a moment to hear from a 2016 fund recipient, Dr. Avi Giladi, research director of the Curtis National Hand  Center at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital.

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