Sunday, January 21, 2018

Somebody has to do it . . .

So how does a cardiology nerd spend a week off from work?

Yup.....  Echo Hawaii!

 As you can see from the brochure, I had the privilege of being the course director for this longstanding course run by the Am Soc of Echocardiography  which provides a great blend of education and fun.  Throughout the course, the participants were busy on Twitter at #echoHawaii.  Here are a few representative tweets:

 Although these two are my favorites - one shows the blend of science and scenic beauty as we had our poster abstract session outside as the sun was setting.  The other tweet makes fun of the fact that all of the faculty in the front row were wearing Hawaiian shirts.

However, not caught on Twitter was a bunch of cardiology nerds taking a picture of the sunset at the same time!

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