Friday, April 13, 2018

A New Potential Payment Model for Cardiovascular Disease

I have written hundreds of papers in the cardiology literature but we must all grow and expand our horizons ..... so I recently collaborated with Daniel M. Blumenthal, Samuel Nussbaum, and Mark Linthicum to write a paper that was recently publish in Health Affairs on a novel way to price cardiac medical devices. “Using Outcomes-Based Pricing For Medical Devices To Improve Cardiovascular Disease Treatment Value” outlines the potential for outcomes-based pricing agreements and how they would work for medical devices used to treat cardiovascular disease. 

The future of healthcare and insurance is changing in tandem and evaluating other options for payments can change the intention of care. In the case of outcomes-based pricing, by setting treatment reimbursements to reflect their value to patients and the healthcare system can promote higher quality care, with a focus on the patient’s own healthcare goals and outcomes.

You can read the full article

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