Friday, April 6, 2018

Health Forum 18 by CVS Health

I just recently attended a very stimulating conference, arranged by CVS Health, looking at the future of healthcare. At this forum they shared their vision and role they plan to play.  For those that are not aware, 75% of the US population lives within 3 miles of a CVS and over 85% live within 10 miles.  They also shared data that was fascinating - what a patient will tell the pharmacist that they won't tell their physician. CVS moved to become a health delivery organization (and changed their name to CVS Health) and understand their role of working within the community with someone that is trusted in a personal and engaging experience (it's not a surprise that the CEO is a pharmacist!).  In short, they want to become a front door to healthcare.  To do this effectively, they need to partner with trusted healthcare systems and MedStar Health is one of their key partners.

So as healthcare gets more complex, more expensive, more difficult to navigate, what can we do as a healthcare community to address all of these issues? How do get more connected with our patients (and people) before they become 'patients' by helping them stay healthy?  

What I learned at this forum is how CVS has partnered (or acquired) companies that provide technology to help monitor diseases so they can provide early detection for diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, asthma and depression.  Then using big data analytics and predictive analytics (along with the huge number of patients they interact with), they can potentially improve very early (pre-clinical) detection and prevention.

This type of work will only be accomplished with high quality research.  I am very proud that MedStar Health Research Institute is a research partner with CVS Health Research Institute. We are looking at several joint protocols and invite MedStar investigators to propose new ideas for collaboration.

Change!  Healthcare will certainly continue to evolve and it is exciting to be part of it.

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