Monday, April 23, 2018

World Medical Innovation Forum 2018

Medical knowledge is increasing at an exponential rate, so as of 2018, it is doubling every 73 days! I find that hard to believe but certainly agree that it is humanly impossible to stay current on all aspects of healthcare just by reading more or attending more conference. We must use team science and interdisciplinary models of care. We also must embrace technology solutions. Therein lays the power of artificial intelligence in healthcare. This will undoubtedly transform how we practice medicine tomorrow.
I write this blog post from the World Medical Innovation Forum in Boston, dedicated to the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in healthcare. Over 1600 professionals from very diverse backgrounds (engineers and industry to startups and clinicians) came together to discuss how to use AI to make healthcare better, safer, and more efficient. Some estimate that AI combined with big data will reduce total healthcare spending by $450 billion annually!
There are endless opportunities for research and innovation as AI gets developed and applied in healthcare. I’m excited about this next phase of healthcare and how MedStar can be on the leading edge.
Below are some pictures, including the opening remarks by Charlie Baker, the Governor of Massachusetts and ‘fireside chats’ with CEO’s and lead academicians from around the country.

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