Thursday, May 24, 2018

Georgetown-MedStar Joint Academic Councils

Supporting our vision to advance health, we launched our joint Georgetown-MedStar Academic Councils today.  These new academic councils, which include a scientific council and an education council, are borne out of the 50-year agreement that reaffirms our organizations' robust commitment to partnership in providing world-class health care and excellence in academics and research. 

The Georgetown-MedStar Education Council and the Georgetown-MedStar Scientific Council will identify opportunities to optimize joint resources and programs, coordinate our efforts on development of researchers/educators, increase the recognition of academic accomplishments and contributions, identify areas of mutual academic priority and develop an annual work plan for these priorities. The result of this work will be reported to the Boards at both MedStar and Georgetown annually.

This is an exciting step forward in our partnership.  I am excited about the synergistic potential and the energy/enthusiasm I experienced in the room today. 

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