Sunday, July 29, 2018

Cerner Research Summit

I just returned from Kansas City this past week where several MedStar - Georgetown research colleagues attended Cerner's Research Summit.  Cerner is the electronic health system (EHR) MedStar uses across its inpatient and ambulatory locations.  Built within the  EHR is 'PowerTrials' to support our research activity.  MedStar went live with PowerTrials in February providing information in the 'bannar bar' and 'tabs' if the patient is on research and giving alerts to the clinicians and to the research team when the patient comes to the emergency room.

Given that many of Cerner's clients are big academic health care systems, they decided to bring us together to share best practices and discuss new initiatives /  enhancements to their system. We heard about innovative approaches to cohort identification from Indiana University, about merging data from disparate EHR's from the 'DC Cohort' and about enabling the learning health system (across different health systems) from Duke Clinical Research Institute.

Overall, it was very informative and a great opportunity to network with other like-minded health systems.  And of course, if you are out of town with your colleagues, you have to find a place to have a little food and wine!

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