Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Health Services Researchers Present at National Conference

Guest Blogger:
Angela D. Thomas, DrPH, MPH, MBA
Executive Director, MedStar Health Services Research Network
MedStar Health Research Institute

Recently, AcademyHealth held its Annual Research Meeting, known as “ARM”, in Seattle, Washington.  The theme of this year’s ARM was “Today’s Research Driving Tomorrow’s Outcomes”, where health services researchers nationally and internationally came together to hear abstract presentations on current research, learn about career development opportunities, discuss critical and emerging issues in  health services research (HSR), learn new HSR methods, discuss policy, discover new research resources, and much more. 

AcademyHealth’s ARM recognizes the depth and breadth of the health services research field, as it offered 21 different themes applied to each of its 153 sessions available and nearly 600 posters. Some of these themes included:
  • Digital Technologies and Health Equity
  • High Cost, High Need
  • Improving & Measuring Safety, Quality, and Value
  • Patient-Centered Research
  • Payment and Delivery Systems Innovations
  • Public and Population Health
This year, I had the pleasure of presenting under the “Improving Safety, Quality, and Value” them in a session entitled “Safer Care: Progress toward the Goal”. I presented on “Race Differences in Adverse Patient Safety Events in Organizations Applying High Reliability Principles”.  Dr. Jessica Galarraga,  health services researcher and physician investigator, presented under the “Payment and Delivery Systems Innovations” theme, in a session entitled “Global Budget and Global Payment Models”, where she presented her work on “The Effects of Global Budgeting on Emergency Department Admission Rates”.  Tracy Kim,  research assistant with MedStar’s National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare, also represented MedStar well with a poster “Looking at the Bigger Picture: Analysis of Patient Safety Event Reports in Mental Health Units”.
Next year, AcademyHealth’s ARM will take place in Washington, DC June 2-4th.  Mark your calendars now and plan not only to attend but to present your research!  ARM’s breadth of themes offers MedStar a platform for presenting research from many different areas in our organization.  By attending ARM, not only will you reap the career and personal development rewards of attending, but you will also help to increase the national presence of MedStar Health.

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