Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Landmark Cardiovasular Research

With the amount of clinical research that happens around the world, only a handful get picked up by mainstream media (i.e. not science or medical focused publications). So it was all the more surprising when I saw a cardiovascular study in the New York Times that not only I was a part of, but that was also supported by the Cardiovascular Core Lab at MedStar Washington Hospital Center.
You can read the NYTimes article here.

The positive patient outcomes of the COAPT study were published in the New England Journal of Medicine and presented at a recent conference prior to the article. The Core Lab served as the  imaging investigators for the ground-breaking study, for both qualifying patients to participate in the study and to determine the efficacy and safety review.

Smaller studies have been conducted to see if this device is a viable option for patients, but they have produced conflicting results. This study, with over 600 patients at 78 sites, is a milestone for treating heart failure. With the study showing positive patient outcomes and an increased quilaity of life for those patients, this research will help to advance the health of many patients in the future.

The story was also covered in MedPage today here.
Congratulations to the entire research team on this remarkable work!

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