Sunday, November 25, 2018

MHRI Around The World...Who Wants To Win?

We work quite a bit at MHRI, and sometimes it's important to step back and have a little bit of fun.

The MHRI Associate Engagement Committee presents "MHRI Around the World"! I know most of you have created a rather extensive collection of MHRI gear - so, let's have some fun with it!  It doesn't require much to participate, just some humility and creativity. 

I was invited to kick-off the contest at the recent Town Halls. In case you missed it, here's my contribution.

So, how do you particiapte in the contest?

  1. Take a photo in your MHRI gear and submit your photo to by Thursday, November 29th.
  2. There are four categories:  Furthest Location, Most Swag in One PhotoMost Associates in one Photo and Most Creative
  3. Photos will be shared and winners will be announced at the Year-End Celebrations. 
I know we've gottten a few submissions so far, so don't miss your chance to join in the fun.

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