Monday, March 4, 2019

20 Years Powered by You

Below is my monthly message for the March 2019 edition of the MHRI newsletter, Focus. You can view Focus online at

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Several years ago, I started my monthly message with “Move over business leaders, the scientists will show you how it works!” In that message, I shared how a series of Harvard Business Review (HBR) articles discussed the science of teamwork and how functional MRI scans helped the scientists understand why one workplace was preferable over another.

The results were fascinating! The experiments showed that having a sense of higher purpose stimulates oxytocin production, as does trust. Trust and purpose then mutually reinforce each other for even higher levels of oxytocin, which produces happiness.

Applying this to the workplace, joy on the job can come from doing purpose-driven work with a trusted team. This scenario leads to higher engagement, with a strong connection with one’s work and colleagues, supporting the work as a contributor to the team, and enjoying ample chance to learn.

And there is more! We can act on this data to make our workplace better. There are several effective ways to increase oxytocin levels: 1) recognizing excellence; 2) giving people discretion in how they do their work; 3) sharing information broadly through good communication; 4) building relationships, and; 5) helping people develop personally and professionally. However, in order to know which of these areas to focus on, team members need to provide input, advice, and feedback.

I am reminded about this HBR article because the MedStar 2019 Associate Survey launches on Monday, March 4th and asks your opinion on Career Development and Training, Communications, Engagement, Leadership and Direction, Performance Management, Patient First, Supervision, Total Rewards, and Teamwork. The success of MedStar and MHRI is thanks to 20 Years Powered by You and it is only by hearing from you can we continue to improve over the next 20 years. This survey is online and only takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Visit 
to voice your opinion.

Together, we are building a world-class research organization that propels us to a nationally recognized academic health system. Thank you for completing the survey—one of the most vital ways we may ensure another 20 years Powered by You.

Together, we will raise all of our oxytocin levels to new heights!

Thank you!

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