Wednesday, March 20, 2019

MedStar 2019 Associate Survey: Share Your Feedback!

Every two years, associates at MHRI and across MedStar are asked to complete the Associate Survey. Throughout the years, I am proud we have sustained high associate participation.

Survey participation has grown dramatically since the first survey, and it’s important that we sustain a high level of participation at MHRI. Our goal is to achieve 80 percent participation this year—as well as maintain or improve engagement at the entity level. RIght now, we are over half-way to our goal in participation!

The Power of the Survey

Since the 2017 results were reported, more than 4,600 unique actions plans were created by managers and/or supervisors and above, and associates, across the system.

Some of the positive changes in our organization that resulted from your feedback and engagement include:
  • We continue to grow the professional development program:

o   We established an MHRI professional development fund that goes beyond educational assistance.
o   We’ve added certificate programs to the educational assistance program to further expand the support for professional growth.
o   We have career ladders for many new areas throughout the organization.
  • We’ve maintained our commitment to associate recognition with the SPIRIT Award and Kudos programs, along with adding We Are MHRI to highlight associates.

  • We have invested in our managers with dedicated facilitated sessions to help them grow as a team leader, providing support for every associate.

One of the most insightful sources of survey feedback comes from associate comments. In the MedStar 2017 Associate Survey, MedStar received more than 21,000 comments from associates. This feedback not only impacts changes across our entity and system, but it also reminds us of the joy and meaning we share in the workplace.

Building on the enthusiastic response from the 2015 MedStar Associate Survey, in 2017, associates were asked to comment on the one thing they enjoy most about working at MedStar Health. We received nearly 11,000 comments in response, providing invaluable insight to strong shared values across the organization. More than 2,000 comments mentioned patients, and more than 3,000 referenced co-workers and teamwork. Associates also referenced serving people and the community, their sense of purpose, the opportunity to expand their skills, and their passion for patient safety and care, and more. The comments represent the true engagement of our associates.

What do you most enjoy about working at MHRI? Please let us know.

Your input has a significant impact on MHRI. March 4–24, 2019 is your opportunity to help us power change, growth and success by taking the MedStar 2019 Associate Survey. Visit to complete your survey.

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