Thursday, April 11, 2019

MedStar Researcher Publishes Early Findings on Complex Care Models

Dr. Derek DeLia, Director of Health Economics & Health Systems Research at  MHRI recently had several publications that highlight the nature of healthcare economics.

Dr. DeLia was a co-author on a research study, "Association of Medicaid Enrollee Characteristics and Primary Care Utilization with Cancer Outcomes for the Period Spanning Medicaid Expansion in New Jersey", which was recently published in the journal Cancer. The study was supported in part by a Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey Pilot Award from the National Cancer Institute. The research sought to examine cancer outcomes that may be affected by primary care and other outpatient care utilization for Medicaid enrollees. The findings indicated that Medicaid patients with cancer diagnosed just before and in the initial year of eligibility expansion had worse outcomes than non-Medicaid cases. Researchers discovered that more targeted strategies are needed to improve outcomes among Medicaid enrollees.

Dr. DeLia also helped author Transforming Complex Care, a national initiative led by the Center for Health Care Strategies with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  The goal of this initiative is to address the various medical, social and economic challenges that a patient with complex needs experience.  Dr. DeLia is co-author of two reports that were recently published.

“Alternative Staffing Models to Improve Care for Complex Patients in their Homes and Other Settings: Early Findings from the Transforming Complex Care Initiative” focuses on the use of community health workers to engage patients at three participating complex care programs. 

“Organizing Complex Care for Rural Populations: A Case Study of Three Montana Communities” seeks to examine Mountain-Pacific’s use of technology to improve access to health care in rural Montana.

Congratulations Dr. DeLia for your dedication and commitment to such important research!

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