Saturday, January 12, 2013

Welcome to the MHRI President's Blog


A few months ago we were having a discussion at MedStar Health Research Institute on how to become a more open, transparent organization that provides all of our associates an opportunity to stay informed and get involved. As the research arm for MedStar Health, we do great work across the system of 10 hospitals and 20 other healthcare entities spanning the Washington DC and Baltimore regions ( The challenge is how our dedicated associates know about activities happening at other locations and to provide a forum for their input.

"Neil, just start a blog!" This was the suggestion from one of our associates and what a great idea it is. I have the fortune to be constantly exposed to the great work across MedStar Health Research Institute (MHRI) and learn about new initiatives. My goal is for this blog is to be an informal way for me to share these things with you and solicit your comments.

Most entries will be brief. There may be a little tid-bit about something I learned, saw or experienced at MedStar. Some may be more meaningful, like a system-wide initiative I just learned about. In all cases, I hope to hear back from you with posted comments.

To start, I need your help. All good blogs need a good name. For now, it is simply called 'Notes from Neil.'  Other suggestions submitted that are on the final list are:
  • Neil's Nook
  • Pearls of Weissman
Help us name this blog! Post your suggestions as a thread to this first posting. 

Thanks and I look forward to this new dimension of MHRI!!