Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How MHRI is Supporting the Vision of Advancing Health [Poll Results!]

The readers have spoken! Thank you to all who participated in my polling adventure a few weeks ago; it’s great to hear what you think about the work we are doing at MHRI to help advance health.

For those wondering, the top innovation posted on Notes from Neil, as voted by the readers, was the launch of the Research Brings Hope campaign! This campaign is still an active part of the MedStar Health Research Institute and our goals of advancing health and wellness to our community.

The runner up was a four-way tie! TeleHealth and MedStar Care: MedStar eVisit, 'Diabetes to Go' gets new NIH Grant, Clinical Trial Management System, and HIV H.O.P.E were all ranked for second place. The scope of these initiatives truly shows the breadth of the work we are doing at MHRI and our focus on our community. This mix of bedside translational medicine and business growth really do show the best of what MHRI has to offer to the MedStar community.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

MHRI Honors Memorial Day 2016

We'd like to take a moment to honor our Armed Forces, and to wish you all a Happy Memorial Day.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The MedStar Research 'Angels' at MWHC

It’s so great to see our MedStar investigators showcased in hospital publications! 

Such was the case this month at MedStar Washington Hospital Center in their publication Physician. Dawn Fishbein, MD, Amie Hsia, MD, and Rachel Scott, MD, MPH were the cover story and the articles highlighted all the great research they were doing in hepatitis, stroke and HIV/pregnancy, respectively.  Their work also represents how academics and real world medicine come together to both improve patient care today and create new knowledge through research that improves care for future patients.

It’s not all work for them though!   As one said to me, we needed to keep it 'real'!  During their photo shoot for the cover, they had a little fun with the photographer, as you can see in the picture below - I like to think of them as MedStar Research Angels!

Monday, May 23, 2016

MHRI Researchers are Speaking Out

One of MHRI’s investigators, Vanita Aroda, MD of the MedStar Community Clinical Research Center, is “Setting the Record Straight on Diabetes Care”! This is part of MediaplanetUSA Diabetes in America campaign, to help raise awareness of the millions of Americans who are living with some form of diabetes.

Dr. Aroda's work focuses on diabetes, an illness with growing effects on our community. With more than 8% of Washington DC residents living with diabetes right now, the research that we are completing can make an impact nationally and right here in our own backyards. Dr. Aroda was also one of the co-directors of the Taking Control of Your Diabetes Conference and Health Fair that took place this weekend on May 21 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC.

Congratulations to Dr. Aroda on all her successful work and commitment to our communities’ wellness!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

MHRI Celebrates International Clinical Trials Day

Did you know the first randomized clinical trial began on May 20, 1747? That’s why we celebrate this Friday as International Clinical Trials Day.

James Lind, MD, began the first clinical trial aboard the HMS Salisbury to attempt to treat scurvy, a common malady that afflicted sailors. His hypothesis was that the introduction of acids would combat the issues. His 12 participants all showed the same symptoms and were in the same environment, ruling out environmental causes. The participants were paired and assigned different foods to address their symptoms. Those allocated citrus fruits (2 oranges and one lemon every day) experienced “the most sudden and good visible effects”, followed by those who were assigned to the group instructed to drink a “quart of cider a day”.

The published work, just like our papers today, outlines the nature of the disease, the causes, and the possible cures. You can read Dr. Lind’s publication at The James Lind Library.

This year, I want to thank each and every associate throughout MedStar Health who contributes to research. From the principal investigators to the nurse practitioners to the research coordinators, technicians and administrative support staff -  you all make a difference in the lives of patients in our community and, through the creation of new medical knowledge, you change the lives of patients around the world.

I also want to thank each patient who has participated in a clinical trial. Without your support and cooperation, we would not be able to continue advancing health.

Research Bring Hope. Enroll in a trial today.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How Do You Rate MHRI's Innovation?

I came across a poll the other day, asking readers to vote on what they thought the top ten innovations in medicine and care delivery that are making the biggest difference today or will in the future.”

This got me thinking. What would I chose as the top ten items?  What about the top ten items at MedStar Health? Would I pick things that we have completed research on and published in peer review journals or would I look at ideas that won large federal grant awards?  Perhaps it is the less 'formal' innovations that happen each day at the bedside and implemented in a real-world settings?

MedStar Health is committed to research, innovation and advancing health, and I know that MedStar investigators and associates are making innovative changes based on their experience and research.

While I encourage you to feel free to vote in the poll using the link above, I’ve also created a short poll below to see which of the new additions at MedStar (recently highlighted in this blog) you feel best supports MedStar's vision of advancing health?

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Celebrating Nurses Week – May 6-12

Nurses that support MHRI are not only helping our investigators and patients, some of them are investigators themselves. The committed efforts of these nurse researchers and registered nurses lead to innovations to patient care at the bedside have a direct impact on the patients who enter our system every day. The distinct perspective of nurses allows them to help redefine clinical care in our healthcare system and we appreciate their efforts.

During this Nurses Week, I want to say a sincere THANK YOU to all the nurses in the MedStar system who support research studies and clinical care. With over 8,500 nurses as part of the MedStar Health system, you are on the front lines of our community.

Of the 3.4 million RNs in the United States, we are pleased that you have chosen to make MedStar Health your community. Your commitment to safe and high-quality patient care allows you to help us map out the future of our healthcare system.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

My MedStar eVisit Experience


Guest Blogger: Angela Thomas, MPH, MBA, Executive Director, Health Services Research Administration

I had the pleasure of spending this past Christmas in Puerto Rico!  In anticipation of needing to look great in a bathing suit, I increased my workouts significantly, but right before the trip, my right hip began to hurt.  With each day, the pain worsened. I still went zip lining, horseback riding (check out the photo!), ATVing, salsa dancing, and of course hitting the beach I worked so hard to enjoy.

When I returned, I was actually limping. I knew I needed to see someone.  The thought of making an appointment and waiting to see someone was out of the question.  Finding time to go to MedStar Prompt Care was not very appealing.  Then I remembered downloading the eVisit app on my iPhone when Dr. Weissman first mentioned it.  This was my time to use it!
In my office at MI2, I took the plunge. After quickly entering my insurance info, the reason for the visit, and a 10-minute wait, a physician was on my screen – like FaceTime!  I described what happened, she instructed me to touch here and there and tell her what I felt.  After a few minutes, I had a diagnosis – bursitis in my hip from overtraining – too many burpees!  She told me to rest it, ice it, take an anti-inflammatory, and do hip exercises (she demonstrated them). 
In a few weeks, I no longer needed to ice or take an anti-inflammatory.  Two months later, I resumed doing burpees!  MedStar eVisit was JUST what I needed.  I didn’t have to take off work, was able to get a diagnosis and treatment plan, and was even able to get a prescription refill for another condition (she had access to my other MedStar records)! 
I highly recommend MedStar eVisit!  It works!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

TeleHealth and MedStar Care: MedStar eVisit

As part of MedStar Health's commitment to innovation and their patients, I was pleased to see the launch of MedStar eVisit for MHRI associates. The pilot for this program was launched earlier in the year with great results. Providing convenient access to services for those in our area is a key element to the growth of MedStar Health and MHRI.

MedStar eVisit technology provides 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year, access to services via a computer, tablet or smartphone. Services are currently available for treating common illnesses. MedStar eVisit services are in-network for associates and their dependents enrolled in MedStar Select or MedStar’s CareFirst medical plans. Primary care copays apply to each MedStar eVisit—MedStar Select members: $0 or CareFirst (coverage through MedStar) members: $15. Associates who do not have medical coverage through MedStar can still use MedStar eVisit for $49 per visit.

You can register online at www.MedStar-eVisit.com or download the download the iOS or Android mobile app, “MedStar eVisit".

I registered using my iPad and the process was easy and efficient. It's great to see MedStar taking technology in stride to help their patients, especially when those patients are also MedStar associates.