Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Giving Thanks

I am writing to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving and to thank you for your dedication to our collective mission of advancing health and creating knowledge through research across MedStar Health.

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays.  Growing up, I remember my home being filled to the brim every year with family and friends.  We would sit at (what felt like) the longest table in the world with more dishes than you can count. 

But besides the food and the friends, it has been a favorite because it gives us a chance to reflect on the year and the fortunes in our life. There is no time that this becomes more important than now, as we deal with the daily challenges of change and the increasing demands of healthcare reform.

For me, I feel particularly fortunate. I have a wonderful family. I work with great people who are smart, dedicate, stimulating and collaborative. I get to be part of a number of great teams made up of investigators, clinicians and administrators. As an effective team, we do meaningful work that will literally change the lives of future patients.  And, on top of all this, I get to be part of a healthcare system that is evolving to not just survive, but to lead in the ever changing healthcare environment. 

None of this could be possible without you.  Thank you for your commitment to research at MedStar, commitment to our patients, commitment to each other and to your commitment to the future health of our community.

Best wishes for a very healthy, happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday season!   


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  1. I remember the hand print turkey days fondly too.

    This time of year a great time to be thankful for so many things for all of us her in the US of A...both at home and at work at MHRI - not only HAVING a job, but having a job that has MEANING no matter what your role is in our groups.

    My favorite 'stab' at Black Friday (which is very, very far, far removed from the spirit of Thanksgiving if you ask me) came from Patagonia. They hosted parties to be THANKFUL for what you ALREADY have, rather than going shopping...Good concept to keep in mind (although I am sure not completely altruistic from their marketing teams' persepctive!).