Wednesday, June 7, 2017

MedStar #Patient2Consumer

Are you ready to do your part in helping MedStar stay on the cutting edge of innovation that advances health and wellness?

I know many researchers and investigators at MHRI are also innovators! Here is your chance to connect with others who have the same goal as you: to advance the health and wellness of our community.
MedStar Health is collaborating with global startup incubator and seed fund 1776 to host a startup competition called the MedStar #Patient2Consumer Challenge.

The effort is intended to activate the startup community throughout the country (not just in Silicon Valley, Boston, and New York!) to identify those innovative startups that have the potential to catalyze the transformation of any strategic aspect of MedStar’s health system in order to benefit our patients through more convenient, consumer-friendly care.

You can read the challenge annoucement or learn more on the challenge site. The deadline to submit your idea through the application portal is Sunday, June 11, 2017 (by 11:59 p.m. ET).

Partnering with the most promising emerging leaders enables us to further understand the innovation landscape and find—and realize—the next big thing.

The MedStar #Patient2Consumer Challenge is intended to focus and drive these outcomes. Thank you for helping connect us—whether that’s with a late-stage startup looking to take its work to the next level, or an earlier stage effort in need of further validation and/or domain expertise. (And if you are already working with a startup, recommend that they apply today!)

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