Thursday, October 11, 2018

Learning About Safety Research at MedStar

Guest Blogger:
Eva Hochberger
Communications & Planning Manager  |  Office of Research Development, Planning & Communications

I had the opportunity recently to check out the MIND Lab space at the MedStar Health corporate offices and attend a lunch and learn by one of MedStar’s researchers, Zach Hettinger, MD, MS.

His presentation on cognitive informatics and safety research really highlighted the impact of research on patient care and what are ways that technology can be used to provide the best care to our patients.

Even for those of us who are not in a hospital, or even caring directly for patients, can benefit from the reminder that how we respond to interruptions and other stimuli is important in how well we execute our jobs. 

The threads of this research are in play across the system. A few hours after the lunch and learn, the safety moment in my meeting was one that occurred because of the ordering mechanism in the EHR. In the words of the presenter, it was an issue because we attempt to only communicate through technology, which does not always provide a clear solution for something that would be resolved by a phone call.

As a communicator, the presentation also served as an important reminder that if we make it difficult for someone to report information, it’s less likely to have a report made at all.

Dr. Hettinger is the Medical Director and Director of Cognitive Informatics, National Center for Human Factors in Healthcare, MedStar Health.

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