Monday, February 22, 2016

Celebrating HeRO’s at MHRI

Congratulations to Amy Loveland and the MedStar Community Clinical Research Center (MCCRC) team for receiving the Good Catch Patient Advocacy Award! Dr. Seth Krevat, assistant vice president for Safety at MedStar Health, came to our UTC offices to present Amy and her colleagues with the award!  Dr. Krevat travels to different locations to surprise MedStar employees with acknowledgement of their efforts to make MedStar a High Reliability Organization through their efforts in increasing patient safety and satisfaction.

Recognized in the MedStar Quality and Safety Department’s weekly “Good Catch Monday” email, Amy identified a potential trial participant but noticed a possible allergy to Bactrim, a sulfa class drug in his history. As the sulfa allergy may have excluded the participant from the trial, Amy not only identified the potential allergy to the class of drug, but was also able to work with an allergist at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital (MGUH) to have the patient come in for testing.

Her attention to the details and her follow through with this patient not only allowed MCCRC to include the patient in their trial, it allowed the patient to go home with the knowledge of his Bactrim  allergy and that MedStar Health was here to support his health. This act exemplifies how all patients are important and their willingness to participate in trials is what helps make MHRI successful.

Amy also took a moment to share her thanks and support from the rest of the MCCRC team, specifically Maria Hurtado who helped her reach out to MGUH and helped her speak up for patient safety and reliability.

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