Tuesday, November 1, 2016

MedStar Physician Leadership Development - Staying Connected

When twenty-five MedStar physicians completed the 18-month MedStar Physician Leadership Development Program last June, an overwhelming number of them stated in their evaluation that what they liked most in the program were the relationships formed among the cohort. As one participant said, “I have friends and connections throughout the MedStar System for life.”

One commitment this cohort made to each other was to stay connected. They are determined to come together twice a year to reunite, catch up with each other and learn something new. Last month, they met in the late afternoon and I was delighted to be invited as their guest speaker. The organizers invited me to share my leadership story and then deliver my presentation on "Redefining the Academic Health System.”

The challenge, however, is that some had already heard this presentation. So, I tried something new. I opened the presentation as usual. After the first few slides, I stepped out of the formal presenter role and then told 'the story behind the story.'  

While I wanted to share the content a how MedStar is redefining the academic health system, I wanted to let this group know 'the story' of how this topic became important to me and how it came together through my interactions with other MedStar leaders. Putting together impactful presentations is an important skill for leaders to develop.

I was honored to be this groups' first guest speaker and look forward to working with all 25 of these physicians as they take on leadership roles throughout MedStar Health.

If you are interested in the Physician Leadership Development Program, nominations are currently being accepted through Nov 7th for the next 18-month offering, which will kick off in January 2017. A maximum of 25 physicians will be selected from a pool of candidates nominated by the MedStar Leadership Team, MedStar Chief Nursing Officer Council, MedStar Medical Group (MMG) Executive Team and MMG Governing Council. Program candidates must be MedStar Health employed physicians with: (1) an established leadership track record, (2) the ability to advance MedStar’s operating and strategic plan, and (3) a willingness to invest the time and effort to become a MedStar Leader of the Future. For more information please contact Nancy Williams at nancy.m.williams@medstar.net

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