Sunday, March 12, 2017

Clinical Trial Participant and Author

A few weeks ago, Heather Williams, Oncology Research Nurse Coordinator at MedStar Union Memorial received an email from one of her study patients. The patient, Dr. Kelsey Crowe, enrolled in the Breast Cancer GP2/AE37 Vaccine Trial in 2013. She had travelled from San Francisco to MUMH in Baltimore to receive her vaccine injections over the course of 2.5 years. She is now in follow up.

Kelsey contacted Heather to let her know that she had written a book and would be having a book signing at Kramerbooks in Washington, DC. Kelsey’s book is called “ There is No Good Card for That”. Since her study treatment she has also started a non profit called “Helping Each Other Out” (

Jean Flack, Manager for Oncology Research in Baltimore, and Heather Williams attended the book signing on March 1, 2017. Kelsey was delighted to see her study coordinators again plus Heather was able to do a follow up visit! It was a great experience for Jean and Heather as well – to see a former patient doing so much good work and being such an inspiration for others!
The trial that Kelsey was enrolled in was open at MedStar Union Memorial and enrolled several patients. One (Kelsey) traveled from San Francisco; others came from Maine, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania to participate in the trial and two were local. Most of the patients found the study through breast cancer web sites. The study is now closed to enrollment while patients continue in follow up for collecting recurrence and survival data.

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