Friday, February 9, 2018

PowerTrials is Now Live in MedConnect!

At the Fall Town Halls last year, we shared that we were working on integrating research into clinical practice across MedStar Health via our electronic health records (MedConnect). I can now share that PowerTrials is now available to all MedStar Health clinicians. PowerTrials is a new module within the Cerner PowerChart product we call MedConnect. This now integrates current research studies into clinical care.

This is beneficial for patients, participants, and providers, as information about a patient’s participation in a MedStar Health or Georgetown clinical trial, as well as information about the study, is available in one location within MedConnect.
For providers, it brings awareness of patient research participation via an “on study” flag on the demographic Banner Bar and the ability to view research study description (protocol name and study synopsis) and recruitment information at the point of care. This information is available in the 'Clinical Research' tab on the left side of the chart.

For our research teams, this now allows for clinicians to contact them via the message center and can get automated notifications if a study participant is in the emergency room or admitted to the hospital. PowerTrials also makes it easier when study monitors need to review the study.

As always, thank you for your continued support, time and training dedicated to our new electronic platforms that support research - both OnCore and now PowerTrials. Both systems serve important functions as we move closer to full integration of research and clinical care.

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