Sunday, July 8, 2018

MHRI Actively Participates and Leads at MAGI

Guest Blogger:
Christina Stanger, MA, CRA
Director, Office of Contract and Grant Management, MedStar Health Research Institute

In late May, MAGI held its east coast conference in Arlington, VA.  Our MHRI associates showed up in numbers to speak and learn about advances and regulation changes for commercial clinical trials. Attendees from MHRI included Colleen Kelly, Karen Barnes, Amy Crupiti, and Tamika Samuel. Here’s what our associates had to say about the conference:
  • This was my first time attending the MAGI conference and I hope it will not be my last! The conference provided dozens of workshops and sessions for site management, regulatory, contracts, operations, etc. and also provided a unique opportunity to network with experts in all aspects of the clinical trial field. I especially enjoyed attending the Sponsor and CRO panel discussion about the start-up and selection process for ‘Super Sites’.” Colleen Kelly
  • “I enjoyed attending sessions from non-contract clinical tracks (ie-regulatory and budgets). It helped give me a more well-rounded view of clinical studies.” Amy Crupiti
  • “I found the MAGI conference to be extremely educational and I enjoyed hearing the Sponsor perspective on contracting for clinical research. The environment was very productive and provided many opportunities for participants to mingle with Sponsors and CRO’s.” Karen Barnes
  • “This was my first experience as an attendee at the MAGI conference. As a new MedStar Health employee in a clinical research role, I was thrilled at the breadth of topics that were presented. I especially enjoyed the camaraderie of the individuals and the ability to network with a number of clinical research experts. Additionally, I was thrilled to realize that all of the presentations were available for review after the conference, especially for talks and workshops that I was not able to attend." Tamika Samuel

MHRI had at least one person speaking on each day of the conference, including the workshop days. MHRI speakers co-presented with colleagues from UNC, Yale, Abbvie, PFS Clinical, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, UVA, Ankura, Ohio State, and several independent law and consulting firms. Speakers representing MHRI included:
  • Mary Anne Hinkson: Billing Compliance Jeopardy
  • Candice Vance: Billing Compliance
  • Chad League: Managing Risk: Subject Injury and Insurance
  • Andrew Carter: Into the Abyss: Subject Injury and Indemnification
  • Tina Stanger: Investigator-Initiated Clinical Trials
  • Kate Cohen: sIRB, Common Rule, and FDA- Managing Different Regulatory Standards
  • Maureen McNulty: Regulatory Inspections of Research Sites

Some participants’ comments on the our MHRI-led presentations included:
  • “Well organized. One of my favorite sessions and I exclusively attended contract courses.”
  • “Great real-life examples on subject injury.”
  • “Extremely useful information that I will take back to our organization for investigator-initiated agreements”
  • “Good presentation with lots of helpful info”
  • "Excellent suggestions for making a billing compliance program successful"
MAGI is a professional organization that strives to streamline “clinical research by standardizing best practices for clinical operations, business, and regulatory compliance.” Their conferences offer tracks in site management, regulatory, clinical operations, contracting, budgeting, and special topics. To find out more about MAGI visit

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