Sunday, August 12, 2018

Going from MHRI to Residency

Guest Blogger:
Becky Montalvo

Executive Director, MedStar Community Clinical Research Center (MCCRC)

At MHRI, what professional development means to our associates varies. Some associates want to gain certificates, attend conferences, or find other ways to expand their professional horizons to advance in their careers. I’m happy to share briefly about 4 associates from MedStar Community Clinical Research Center (MCCRC) who have advanced their medical careers with securing medical residencies, and at their top choice, which is MedStar Health.

This year, Saif Almushhadani and Nawar Suleman said their farewell to MHRI for the most wonderful reason – they were accepted as medical residents to MedStar Health’s program in Baltimore. Saif and Nawar are following two prior MCCRC associates, Sayf Yassin, and Zayd Nashaat who also matched to a medical residency at MedStar Health three years and two years ago, respectively. Zayd is now starting his final year as Chief Resident. We are so proud of and happy for these four MCCRC associates, who committed their time and effort to MHRI along their way towards their dream of residency.

Nawar Suleman with Amy Loveland.
Amy was each of their supervisors in MCCRC.
Many don’t realize how challenging it is to land residency many years out from medical school, yet their tenacity and perseverance has paid off. Sayf and Zayd started as volunteers with MCCRC and then joined the MCCRC team as associates. For all four, their opportunities within MHRI and connection to the MedStar clinical community helped support their steps towards residency.

“We are all grateful for getting into residency and for the opportunity that helped us getting into the residency which is, in this case, MHRI-MCCRC,” said Sayf.

Sayf Yassin

Zayd Nashaat & Saif Almushhadani
Zayd comments, “We are very grateful for everything our MCCRC family provided us. They stood by us and supported us endlessly, and made everything we achieved possible!”

And from Saif, “My time with MCCRC was such an enhancing experience. It helped me widen my knowledge in the clinical research field. It also, with the support of management and my coworkers, opened the door to my dream to come true. It was such an honor working with such an amazing family.”

Thank you Dr. Sayf Yassin, Dr. Zayd Nashaat, Dr. Saif Almushhadani, and Dr. Nawar Suleman for sharing your time with us at MCCRC and we wish you the best success now and in your bright medical futures!

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