Monday, March 3, 2014

Primary Care Research Collaboration

You know how it is a great feeling to finish the week on a high note?  Well, that is exactly what happened last Friday.

Did you know that in 2010, Americans made approximately 1.2 billion visits to office-based physicians?  More than half of these to primary care physicians.  If you take 1000 people (dark blue square to the right), 800 have some symptoms (inner light blue square) and of that 327 consider seeking medical care but only 217 actually go to get that care (and only 113 visit primary care office). Of these (the stippled squares), 13 go to an emergency room, 8 end up in the hospital and less than 1% are in an academic medical center.  So even through less than 1% are in an academic medical center, that is where we focus our research efforts - thus, we need to refocus our efforts on research in a primary care setting if we are going to benefit the majority of patients seeking healthcare.

It is for these reasons that Drs. Ranit Mishori and Michelle Roett from Georgetown had the brainchild to create a MedStar-Georgetown primary care research network made of academic and community based primary care leaders, health services researchers, educators, statisticians, bioinformaticians and health economists. 

The two of them, along with Dr. Stuart Levine from MedStar Good Sam, chaired this wonderful group of diverse experts to begin to organize this network. The goal of the consortium is to facilitate collaboration on primary care research projects, learn about ongoing research and scholarly activity in the network, match researchers to clinical collaborators and serve as a resource for MedStar and Georgetown to showcase primary care research and scholarly activity. I am sure you will be hearing about their exciting initiatives as they get organized and they extend this consortium to all those involved in primary care!

Neetra Thakur, Scott Krugman, Melissa DeJong, Mary Ann Dutton, Michelle Roett, Vanita Aroda, Dan Merenstein, Asqual Getaneh, Bruno Anthony, Stuart Levine, Jim Welsh, Ranit Mishori, Jose Delgado, Nawar Shara, Marc Shiffman, Subha Madhavan, George Hennawi, Kelly Smith and Neil Weissman

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