Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What a Night!

Months of hard work across the MedStar Health research community came together last night as over 400 people joined us at the third-annual system-wide MedStar Health Research Symposium. I was filled with pride and joy to see so many people, sharing their investigative work and discoveries with each other and with those learning about research at MedStar for the first time.  We had a diverse attendance, from the corporate executive leadership,  hospital and outpatient administrative leadership, clinical department chairs and even our philanthropy colleagues.

Evans, Weissman and Samet
There were many highlights for me but two I want to share with you here:  1) for the first time,we had a keynote speaker (Dr. Carolyn Clancy) who spoke about health services research, the improvements in science and health care, and how MedStar is very well positioned to take off in new directions and 2) we launched 'Research Brings Hope' posters that will increase the visibility of research potential to all at MedStar.

I want to send a huge thanks to all of the investigators and attendees that came out to support Med Star Health’s research initiatives.  I also want to extend a special thank you to the dedicated MedStar Health Research Institute staff that assisted in putting together the event, as well as the Symposium organizing committee Chaired by Stuart Levine, MD.

Dr Carolyn Clancy
For those who attended, I think all would confirm that the excitement and enthusiasm around research was truly inspiring. 

Remember, you can continue the collaboration and share the Symposium by visiting the virtual Symposium created by SiTEL here: http://sitel.org/mhrivirtualsymposium/

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  1. Thank you to everyone who came out and showed support for Research at MedStar! It was a great evening and wonderful to connect with investigators, associates and those new to the MedStar family!