Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Top 10 Medical Research Issues and Trends to Watch in 2016

There’s no doubt that it’s an exciting and transformative time in healthcare, and the same is true for medical research! Recently, the Huffington Post Blog released a piece on  the “Top 10 Medical Research Issues and Trends to Watch in 2016.” I invite you to read the quick article here.  

What makes the list? Patient engagement and methods for collecting and applying the “patient perspective” will be significant. Precision Medicine will also be making news headlines in 2016. The state of the academic workforce is in flux, and experts believe that this might be the year when young investigators break out and we see some serious experimentation at academic institutions with "the way we've always done things.” Finally, with the news of Mark Zuckerberg donating 99 percent of his Facebook shares, currently valued at $45 billion, to charity – the spotlight will shine bright on philanthropy and medical research!

I enjoyed reading the list and found myself proud of the work we continue to do at MedStar Health and the progress we are making  across many of the 2016 trends listed! At MedStar, we are capitalizing on being an Academic Health System at the cross-roads of real-life healthcare and a strong academic infrastructure to address so many of the things listed in this article.

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