Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What to do about W-2s?

Does it seem like everything is going virtual these days? 

Last week I wrote about the "Research Lab of the Future" - a clever image created by Jose Rodriguez-Weisson of his colleagues in the Cardiovascular Core Lab. Just as the core lab went virtual so are W-2s! That's right, W-2 forms are now available electronically and we're encouraging MedStar associates to take advantage of this great opportunity to have your W-2 readily accessible.

This Friday, January 8th is the deadline to provide your consent if you wish to receive your W-2 electronically. Need a reason to Opt In to Electronic W-2 Delivery? Here are Five:
  1. Have peace of mind: No need to worry that your document has been lost or sent to the wrong address. You will receive an email as soon as your W-2/W-2c is available in PeopleSoft to view, download, save, and/or print.
  2. Eliminate clutter: Don’t worry about losing your W-2/W-2c in a pile of papers before you file your taxes. Stay organized by downloading, saving and referencing your W-2/W-2c at your own convenience.
  3. Keep a record: Your W-2/W-2cs are at your fingertips on PeopleSoft, should you need to reference them for any reason.
  4. Go green: To reduce your usage of paper and ink (and your environmental footprint), you can store copies of your W-2/W-2cs on your computer, on a zip drive, or in a secure cloud.
  5.  Get it fast: You will be emailed a notification the moment your W-2/W-2c has been posted in PeopleSoft, instead of waiting for your mail to be delivered.
W-2: Why wait? The Payroll Team encourages you to log on to PeopleSoft now at http://ERP.MedStar.net to opt in to electronic delivery. 

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