Thursday, January 21, 2016

Finn: 6 Months Equals 60 Pounds

Ever since I posted about my family getting a puppy ('Finn Has Arrived') in August, many of you have sent me well wishes and asked how he is doing.  For those that did not see that post, Finn is an English Cream retriever (a variety of a Golden Retriever but lighter in color).

So, FInn is doing great - he is a wonderful dog, instantly becomes a loving companion to everyone he meets and is growing faster than you can imagine. On his recent visit to the vet, he weighed 63 pounds!  If you do the math, that means he has been gaining a pound every 2-3 days!  Hopefully he will start to slow down and settle at a final weight of about 85-90 pounds, similar to his parents.

Here is the picture I posted in August and a recent picture we took last month with my son for our holiday cards:

Here is my wife's favorite she keeps as the homepage on her phone

And if you like those pictures, you will love this video (my son's favorite). In this video, my son is teaching Finn how to catch a treat and he recorded it in slow motion:

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